New York City's Tom Macari not only has the drive and focus to make it in the best city in the world but he also has the talent to back it up. “It’s my tireless work ethic that allows me to excel and do what I love,” says the deejay.

Fortunately he had one advantage, growing up on the outskirts of New York City gave Tom the opportunity to explore a multitude of musical genres and sounds. Before ever even touching a turntable Tom was a music lover whether it was funk and soul, 80′s or the latest hip hop and pop Tom was playing it on his home stereo. By the time Tom entered high school he had already made a name for himself deejaying any and all events that would allow a 15 year old to play.


Fast forward – starting out young would ultimately give Tom the foundation and confidence to command the fast paced, ever evolving New York club scene. Whether spinning for club kids, Derek Jeter and his Yankee teammates at 1 OAK or Cameron Diaz at the famed Boom Boom Room, not to mention club residencies from Atlantic City to Dallas - Tom entertains with sets full of sheer energy night after night. 

With his diverse musical skill set, Tom also lends his open format touch to numerous fashion and lifestyle special events in the the US as well as internationally. Some bold face brands include Esquire Magazine, LVMH, Viacom, NBC, Universal, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Grey Goose, Perrier, Netflix and Oracle (to name a few).

With recent features in US Weekly, OK!, Star and Esquire Magazine, shows around the US and new music slated for release, watch out for this mix master in 2017!!